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Wrinkles & Lines

Botulinum toxin injections (e.g. Botox ®, Xiomen ®, Dysport ®) are an established way of reducing wrinkles on the face.

Botulinum injections have been used in medical practice since the 1960s to treat various neurological disorders. Botox has been licensed by the FDA for cosmetic use since 2002. Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment nationwide. There were over 3.2 million injections worldwide in 2005! There is therefore a lot of data regarding it's use and safety.

Botulinum toxin disrupts the signal between muscles and the nerves that stimulate them, effectively paralysing the muscle temporarily.

Botox injections are therefore used to treat 'dynamic' wrinkles - wrinkles that appear when you move your facial muscles. This is commonly around the eyes (crow's feet), the glabella (frown lines between the eyebrows) and the forehead.

Injections can also be used in the lower face (around mouth, jaw line) and even in the neck (platysmal bands). These are advanced techniques we are proud to offer at the clinic.


Full results from botox injections can take up to two weeks to become apparent. follow-up at this time is offered, where free top-up treatments are done if necessary to finesse appearance.

Effects can be expected to last for at least four months.

Botox injections are given through a very fine needle minimising trauma and usually negating the need for any type of anaesthesia.


Botox Injections Newquay Cornwall

Excessive or unwanted perspiration or 'Hyperhidrosis':


Botox injections are an effective way of drastically reducing unwanted underarm perspiration.


Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive perspiration which can be difficult to treat effectively by other means.
Botox injections can be used directly in the skin under the arms to paralyse the sweat glands and stop them from working, potentially eliminating unwanted perspiration. Sweat loss can be reduced by 90% or more with effects lasting for many months.


This treatment can be used not only in medical circumstances but also for social reasons and clients obtain substantial relief from unwanted stains, both from antiperspirant products and from the sweat itself.

Presenting in public, performers, teachers, lecturers and executives are just some of the many people and professionals who may benefit from this procedure.

It is safe, reliable and extremely effective.


Botox® is a registered trademark.


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